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Deem, James M. The prisoners of Breendonk. Photography by Lenn Nolis. Antwerp, Belgium was no exception. From the beginnings of World War I Breendonk was used as a citadel. Damaged in the first world war, it was taken over by the Nazis as a "reception" camp, designed to transport inmates to other locations. No less brutal than other more well-known camps, only one half of the prisoners survived.

Camp records are now available with graphic photos, and artwork. James Deem creates stories of the inmates with identities ranging from communists, Jews, resistance fighters, and criminals. The creation of their stories illuminates the incredible spirit of the human being, a theme repeated in stories from camps across Europe. The idea that only the Jews were targeted is well dispelled; individuals from all walks of life were targeted. This is his first book. A fantastic and well written documentary of personal histories. Highly recommended for mature readers. Delacre, Lulu.

Rafi keeps surprising Rosi with all of his magic abilities. However, Rosi becomes increasingly skeptical of her brother. Rafi and Rosi learn to work through their misunderstandings and conflicts. Although this book is written in English, there are some Spanish words in the text. There is a glossary in the beginning of the text that will teach readers new words. Rafi y Rosi aprender a trabajar juntos de los malentendidos y conflictos. Rafi and Rosi carnival! Rosi is excited to celebrate Carnival; only to soon find out she is too young to participate in the town festival.

Rafi must help his sister find a solution. However, Rafi always has a trick up his sleeve! Rafi and Rosi expose young audiences to the cultural importance of Carnival. While there are some Spanish words intertwined in this small chapter book, there is a glossary in the beginning to help readers understand and learn new words. In addition, there are ideas for hands on art activities in the back of the book. Pero sin embargo, Rafi siempre tiene un truco!

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Hay un glosario al principio para ayudar a los lectores a entender y aprender nuevas palabras. Denise, Anika. Muted colors convey a loving, caring, sharing, and patient grandmother helping her curious, charming, cheerful, and devoted grandchildren bake a cake. Monster trucks. HarperCollins Publishers. Illustrated by Nate Wragg. However, they are not the only racers; Little Blue Bus joins the trucks for the race to the finish line.

The monster trucks are not a welcoming bunch, but Little Blue Bus takes the lead and uses her true grit and wits to finish first. The illustrations are striking and convey the action of the trucks and the determination of the Little Blue Bus. DePaola, Tomie. The magical world of Strega Nona: A treasury. Illustrations are captivating and the stories are appealing because of the humor, spirit, and practical approach to life. Dimopoulos, Elaine. Material girls. Material Girls was especially dry in the beginning, but the plot improved as the story progressed.

The book begins with two perfect lives of citizens in the world of Tap. Tap was a new concept in which children were chosen in the creative industries based on their Tap Page, the website they had worked on through most of seventh grade. The chapters alternate through two points of view, going back and forth between two Taps: A trend setter sitting on the highest court fashion label Torro DeBlanc, and a famous pop star. Both are trying to slow down the money consuming trends, and start up the new eco-chic trend that could save their world from landfills in their backyards.

This book was good, not great, but still one that I would reread. Disney Princess Tangled: The story of Rapunzel. The three beloved fairy tales retold by Disney Press are endearing and memorable, primarily because the illustrations mirror the animation of characters and settings from their Disney movies, respectively. The characters, Belle, Snow White, and Rapunzel persevere with spirit while remaining kind and loving people.

The books target a young audience of readers between the ages of 3 — 5, but older readers, ages 6 — 9, may also enjoy the stories. Driza, Debra.

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MILA 2. This is the final book in the MILA 2. Mila is worried that she will put Hunter, the boy she loves, in danger. Whether the series ending will satisfy fans of the previous books will depend on whether or not they enjoy sad endings- this book ends on a tragic note. Duane, Diane. Games wizards play.

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In Games wizards play , upper middle and high school children are invited to view the spells of the wizards and explore various parts of the world through the eyes of three young wizards—Kit Rodriguez, Nita Callahan, and Dairine Callahan. The lives of these wizards intertwine throughout the book as Nita and Dairine are sisters; on the other hand, Kit and Nita have worked together as team in times of crisis and have now established their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

In this omniscient third person point of view, older children can understand the perspectives of Nita, Dairine, and Kit during certain situation as the point of view rotates among these characters. Even though all of these characters are wizards, Duane encourages readers to suspend their disbelief by creating believable characters. They often think about relationships, which is something readers can identify with. Older children, ages 12 and up, will also recognize the multilayered conflicts present throughout the novel. Nita faces a person vs. Penn does not treat her with respect or value her opinion.

Because of this situation regarding Nita, another person vs. Her family emotionally abuses her by instilling in her the belief her spell will fail. This makes it difficult for her to accept and feel happy as her spell continues to excel. An underlying conflict throughout the book is person vs.

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The spells presented at the Invitational focus on how to fix or prevent negative aspects of nature. This conflict against nature intensifies at the climax when both Penn and Dairine encounter the plasma from the Sun. Another underlying conflict is character vs. The Powers That Be manipulate some of the action based on their knowledge, such as the pairings of mentors and mentees. On the other hand, Nita encounters the Lone Power, an antagonist, during her dreams, and It reminds her many people forget they are playing the game.

Duane suspends disbelief by using realistic settings of cities around the world; most of the action takes place in these realistic settings. Her descriptions of both Earth and the other worlds also make it believable. Older children can trace the noticeable development of several characters. One major change in Nita is her acceptance of her visionary gift during the climax. Prior to this, she feared and dreaded her dreams because she worried about how she would resolve these problems when they did arrive.

She also becomes more empathetic to Penn when she sees how worried he is about his spell presentation before the judges. Both Nita and Kit develop as they adjust to the new change in their relationship a boyfriend and girlfriend. However, Mehrnaz becomes more insecure and upset when her spell is well received by the judges; she is constantly worried about how her family will react.

In the final round of the Invitational, she is able to feel more confident in her and not worry how her family will react. Throughout the novel, he is arrogant, confident, and rude to most people he meets. However, this behavior shifts when he starts feeling overwhelmed in the last two rounds of the Invitational; he gets so nervous he can barely remember how to talk about his spell. Each time, he can recover and returns to his lofty behavior. This other entity in his body may have influenced his interactions with others. Another change evident is evident in Dairine.

The reader notices how she tries to cope with the unusual disappearance of her good friend, Roshaun, who lives in another world, Wellakh. However, Dairine becomes happier when intense circumstances lead to the discovery of Roshaun.

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  7. Duane suspends disbelief by creating characters who display behaviors expected of a typical teenager. Throughout the novel, the setting serves as both mood and antagonist.

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